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Youssef Chreiba – Creating Serious Style Goals on Instagram and Making Waves in the World of Fashion

Youssef Chreiba is now a renowned fashion icon, a fashion blogger and a dapper dude who is currently creating waves with major collaborations from across the world.

Fashion is a philosophy for him in life; as he lives and breathes fashion day in and day out. No wonder his blogs and trends have gained immense popularity and are widely accepted among his clientele and his fans on Instagram and

Facebook. With over 283k followers, Senior Jo has become an Instagram Sensation. Social media has become an integral and engaging source where fellow fashion enthusiasts follow, share and interact with Youssef. It was this talent of creating fashion trends that got him his first collaboration with Issam Wachma, a famous designer and the owner of Wachma Couture Fashion House in Morocco. The team aims at creating trends inspired by their country’s rich heritage and traditions. Next comes the much deserved collaboration with The Royals, a Paris based Fashion House owned by Hicham Benslimane, another Instagram sensation.

His journey may have just begun but Youssef plans to leave no stone unturned to become the true fashion influencer that he is. Not everyone fashion enthusiast can become a fashion blogger and not every blogger can become an influencer.

However, Senior Jo has made fashion renaissance look so effortless that he has given a new definition for an influencer in the most fashionable way possible. To know more about Senior Jo visit and

About Youssef Chreiba

Youssef Chreiba is a fashion blogger and an influencer from Casablanca, Morocco. The young and talented blogger also known as ‘Senior Jo’ is very popular on social media with over 280,000 followers on Instagram.

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