Who Fares Better On Zoosk Dating

Who Fares Better On Zoosk Dating

Dating apps have exploded with the influx of handheld devices. Most people depend on some kind of electronic gizmo or gadget to keep in touch with the world, and could never see themselves without a digital sidearm.

People under 30 were born into the age of electronics and don’t know any different. And unless you were born on another planet a mobile phone is a crucial part and play a vital role in our everyday lives.

Only 20 years ago, you had to actually meet a man or woman, convince them that you are worth going to dinner with, and jot their home phone number on a scrap of paper. No more.

With only a few swipes of your device a dating app is at your fingertips through major players such as Match.com.

But once logging in and setting up a profile, one has to ask what the probability is of a solid match that may even lead to marriage?

Enter Zoosk.com, an online dating service available in 25 languages and in more than 80 countries with several million messages being sent daily.

Zoosk has kept up with modern dating trends with its biggest draw being the nearly unlimited supply of prospective partners.

But as with all dating apps, the downside of Zoosk is its inability to really match partners that you can tolerate and have things in common with.

Men seem to be complaining the loudest on the site, with the biggest complaints about women who cannot or refuse to realize that they’re no longer 25, or even 35, and they pretty much look their age. Calling out the Barbie treatment as long passed, leaving an equal playing field for both. To expect a higher standard for men that they themselves can’t measure up to, which seems unfair in some cases.

On the flip side, some woman on Zoosk complain loudly that many messages from men are creepy, which surely ruin the possibility of a good experience. Sending lurid pictures, and commenting inappropriately in the first few messages, is a sure way to get blocked.

Messaging online has very little human interaction, making the experience problematic for both parties and leaving most with at best, interesting dating revelations. My advice is, get out your pencil and paper and get a home phone … 


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