Two cannabis companies that should be on investor’s radar

The cannabis sector is exploding in North America and Europe and there are two prospects that cannabis investors should be looking at: GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTR) and AMP German Cannabis Group

Figures that show growth and development opportunities are now in demand, as are special business models. Investment opportunities have been exploding across the cannabis sector, especially in light of recent North American and European legalization. There are two companies from both sides of the channel that show real promise.

Canadian company with ases in the sleeve

One Canadian company worth remembering is GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTR). The management team of GreenStar has extensive experience from cannabis market in Canada and became experts in the sector. They elected to define the company’s strategy around identifying and guiding local cannabis competitors to success.

The results are stunning. Their Washington state-based partner tenant company, Cowlitz, continues to deliver quarterly revenue of $4 million and growing. Last year (2018) Cowlitz recorded a revenue of $14.6 million which is an impressive number to achieve in just five years of operations.

GreenStar didn’t stop there. They formed a joint venture with Progressive Herbs Inc. under the name Capri, the company is in exclusive possession of a groundbreaking patent-pending cultivation technology. This technology produces high quality cannabis products with the highest THC levels on the market, in a much faster and cheaper way. As most producers have a capacity of delivering three to four harvests per year, Capri’s technology has a capacity of producing up to five harvests in a year.

Canadian company with German connection

In the business world, results and performance count the most, another company that seems to be doing everything right and is well on the way to achieving its goal profitably, is the AMP German Cannabis Group, formerly Chinook Tyee Industries. The company’s focus is on introducing cannabis to Germany.

Germany is an extremely important market for medical cannabis. Even if this market is only just beginning to really develop, it will set standards in Europe. It won’t work without imports however, because Germany will not be able to meet demand from its own production until 2021, and then it will be only ten percent. That is why most cannabis comes from Canada. The quality standards (EU-GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice of the EU) are very high, and this is where the AMP German Cannabis Group comes in.

The process is as follows. AMP acquires the EU-GMP certification in order to make the import to Germany possible at all. First, AMP uses the EU GMP gap analysis to examine the goods. AMP is completing contracts with producers who are approved by German auditors to ensure compliance with EU GMP standards. Then AMP will take care of storage, logistics and transport, as well as export and import licenses. Ultimately, the products end up in German pharmacies, and German doctors can supply their patients with cannabis prescriptions.

EU GMP certification is an international system that guarantees the highest health and safety standards for cannabis products for patients. Because the Canadian standards do not meet these requirements, AMP takes over the necessary retrofitting.

Many believe that Europe will be the largest cannabis market in the world. After all, it will only be a matter of time before medical cannabis is allowed throughout Europe. More than 740 million people live in Europe. For the large number of cannabis companies, this means that the business idea must be stimulating or serve a niche. Here, AMP seems to have chosen the right path due to the growing German and European demand for cannabis.

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