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Khloe Kardashian too joins the Ponytail Craze, following Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner

Khloe Kardashian the newest addition to the family joined the team Ponytail Craze to showcase her hair in a ponytail. We all are well aware that the Kardshians have so many beauty and hair experts at their disposal, so it should not come to us as a surprise to see the sisters display new looks. Kylie is been trying many looks with her hair this whole year along and the sisters all love a good extension. A few days before Kim Kardashian was spotted sporting a below-the-chin bob but recently…

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Fashion: Kim Kardashian Rocks Leopard Print Catsuits for Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian is seen in France. All things considered, she’s recognized ALL over, ’cause … fashion, baby!!! Kim is all about rocking her leopard print outfits in Paris this week while she’s there for Fashion Week. She was seen abandoning herhotel Wednesday in a sheer, skintight leopard bodysuit and what resembles a velvet or suede trench coat … with matching bottoms. Looks comfortable. Uncovering as well, notwithstanding that coat. Kim also rocked the catlike theme head-to-toe on Tuesday … equipped with coordinating gloves and boots. It’s a showy look without…

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