Parasitic fish could help treat human brain disease

Chemicals derived from the immune system of a parasitic fish could hold the key to better treatments for human brain disease, researchers say. In a paper published in the journal Science Advances, researchers driven by Eric Shusta from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US, detail how atoms extricated from ocean lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) – a typical northern hemisphere jawless species – could be utilized to ferry medications to focuses inside the brain. Treating any disease situated in the brain –, for example, disease or Alzheimer’s – is challenging. One of the…

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World Dance Day 2019: Stunning things that happen to the body and brain when we dance

International Dance Day is a worldwide day praised each year on 29th April to celebrate move and furthermore to recollect the anniversary of the introduction of Jean-Georges Noverre, the maker of present day expressive dance. Be it for energy, culture or a profession, people for up to one can recollect have dependably been dancing. When one turn back the pages of time, we have seen that our predecessors painted their cavern dividers with pictures of dancers, meaning, dance has been a part of a human existence ever since. Things being…

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