Say What You Need to Say With Viktor and Rolf’s Cheeky Meme-Inspired Couture Collection

Viktor and Rolf let their gowns do the talking when they sent meme-inspired couture down the runway on Wednesday for their appropriately named “Fashion Statements” collection in Paris.

The 17 looks in the collection were colorful, confectionary creations made of tulle and decorated with messages enlivened by image culture, the Internet and the appearing multiplication of statement or slogan fashion in recent years.“I’m not shy I just don’t like you” is the shameless inscription decorated on a voluminous white gown, while an overwhelming dress built out of blue and white tulle unsettles announced a emphatic “NO” in bright red letters taking up nearly half the front of the garment.

This isn’t the first occasion when that high mold has taken motivation from the Instagram age; one just need look so far as Vetements’ apparently unending trolling of the business with their goes up against viral popular culture or Maison Margiela’s selfie stick shoes to see the Internet’s impact.

As might be normal, the gaudy and perky designs resounded with the exact statistic that enlivened it, with many taking to the Internet to sound off on what their most loved looks — and slogans — from the concise and excellent accumulation were. While some had jokes, others found that the messages impacted them excessively much. One thing was for certain, however — there was definitely a gown for every mood.