SAA cautions of new restrictions for South Africans travelling to the United State

SAA cautions of new restrictions for South Africans travelling to the United State

South African Airways (SAA) has advised its customers concerning extra restrictions when travelling to the United States.

“In terms of the United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there will be additional security requirements for flights to the United States of America (USA) and these will be in the form of restrictions to carry certain specified items in the cabin under specified circumstances,” said SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali.

“These restrictions are imposed on all passengers in transit/transfer to the USA and will apply to both SAA flights to the United States.”

The limitations identify with fluids, aerosols and gels (LAGS) bought at obligation free areas of the airports by travelers in travel on flights beginning from Johannesburg, Accra and Dakar.

Under the new guidelines, LAGS may not be transported in cabin baggage(open property) of any travelers associating with the USA from these three cities: Johannesburg, Accra, and Dakar.

This prerequisite does, be that as it may, not influence obligation free obtained at the last purpose of flight in those cities.

For SAA to consent to this restriction, SAA’s security gate search teams conducting current gate passenger screening will verify any duty-free items purchased at upstream airports and will deny the carriage of such items on the flight, regardless of whether such items are packed in security tamper evidence bags or not, Tlali said.

The national bearer apologized for the burden brought about by the restrictions imposed.

“We trust that our discerning passengers will appreciate that from time to time there will be changes introduced in the industry by the regulators or by agencies of jurisdictions to which SAA operates,” said Tlali.

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