Okami Sequel Finally Happening Soon

Okami Sequel Finally Happening Soon

Are you waiting for a game like Okami? Well, there is a possibility of Okami sequel coming soon.

For game enthusiasts who don’t know about Okami it is an action-adventure game which was released in 2006. This was one of the last games which were released for PS2. It was initially made available for game players in Japan. After about a year it was released in Australia and Europe.

What happened to the developers of Okami after that? Why did nt they come up with a sequel earlier on? Well, not many people know that the developers of the game Clover Studio was closed down in 2008. With the closure of the company the game did not come to an end. Tose and Capcom released a sequel to Okami in 2010. However, this was only for Nintendo DS.

Ikumi recently tweeted on twitter “ You guys want to see Kamiya’s Okami again, right, everyone? I want to work on it too!”

This has brought a great amount of excitement among the fans of Okami.  They are optimistic about having a strong sequel to the game.

Okami was a well-accepted action-adventure video game in 2006 among game lovers. Before the introduction of PS3, this was one of the last games developed for PS2. This game comes with a Japanese mythology style.  The game is about Amaterasu, the Goddess of the sun. Amaterasu was responsible for saving the land from the darkness.  The goddess was able to transform itself into a white wolf. Game lovers were thrilled about the concept and idea of the game. This was something quite innovative and unique.  

The game was later then made available to PC, PS 4 and Xbox One in 2017. One of the key features of this game was the Celestrial Brush. The brush had a unique function. You could pause the game and take the canvas game to the current screen. This brush also gave players the liberty to draw whatever pattern or effect they preferred on the screen.

It has been a long time since the developers of Okami came up with something new in the gaming industry. If they want to make a strong impact in the gaming industry, they need to make themselves aware about the modern techniques of the gaming industry. It has been more than a decade since they introduced a game. They need to include new and improved features in the game. Game lovers are expecting a lot from this game. They won’t settle for anything less. Hence, Ikumi needs to work hard and come up with a great idea to make the game a hit.

Fans are strongly supporting the idea of Ikumi. Ikumi is not going to disappoint them. A sequel of Okami is definitely going to happen. We just have to wait and see what there is in store for us. Till then you can refresh your mind by playing the original Okami and revive those memories. This will also help you connect with the sequel well.

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