Neva Failin & The Community

Neva Failin Cruz ALtitude and friends stopped by to give Sylyvan Hills Middle School the show of a lifetime for their homecoming pep rally. Neva Failin and Spring Urban Fest links up with Jabias Da Kidd, Lit Twins, Luh Dino, Mad Marc, Amoureishaa, Bhm Facts and King Imprint to have Sylyvan Hills Middle on their feet for hours.

Cruz and Spring Urban Fest are known for their efforts to promote “Stop Bullying” and they put together the right showcase to promote positivity within our youth. With the entire school in attendance including the staff/teachers this show was one not to miss. Cruz unveils his project that will drop this November 11 entitled “Man” after his late great uncle Robert Murphy. The crowd gave his passing a moment of silence and then he performed his single “Man” from his latest project. For Cruz, you can tell it was a very emotional performance.

Shortly after Neva Failin left the stage, Jabias Da Kidd, Amoureishaa, Lil Dino and Lit twins take over and get a very warm reception from the crowd. With students screaming to the top of their lungs, this was a once in a lifetime experience for the performers, students and faculty. To our surprise, the kids and even the adult staff knew every word of these young independent artists.

We were able to catch up with Cruz for a moment and we asked him, “how does it feel to have such a big impact on the community?” and he simply responded with “No Doubt, it’s the best feelin’ you could ever have, I barely know the words and they know everyone.” I wasn’t able to slow him down for long but you could tell he was having a great time.

Neva Failin Cruz ALtitude and Spring Urban Fest will be touring the schools of Greater Atlanta all 2020! If you haven’t caught up with the Spring Urban Fest and Neva Failin’s movement please follow them on all socials @springurbanfest and @nevafailin