Meet the social media influencer beauty queen ‘Shaima Hormillosa’

We see so many influencers today on so many different Social Media Platforms. Some influencers make it big in terms of popularity with their lifestyle blogging. Posting unique and innovative things can effectively help them gain popularity, and they also get Brands in their pocket, which will take their views.

Shaima Hormillosa comes in the list of most beautiful girls. A Social Media Influencer, and certified personal trainer who works for the Local and European market. Shaima is a well-known blogger; she started blogging casually, never really thought so many curious followers will join in on her social media journey and make her one of the most promising upcoming personalities on the Internet. Shaima currently has more than 270k followers on Instagram and counting woohoo that’s not a small number to have in fan following, we can tell you that.

There are many reasons she has become so much popular in such a short period of time. Let’s start off with her beauty: SHE’S GORGEOUS! Complimented by a beautiful personality and she’s a certified trainer. Health and fitness are her USP.  She is an exceptional blogger; every post gets thousands of likes and comments. She is a fashionista and Diva of the 21st century. Her progress tells the story of how much talent and drive she possesses.

Shaima is also very creative; she always comes up with things that are unique, different and original, which makes her stand out in the large pool of bloggers and lifestyle influencers. She sets a perfect example of how fashion, lifestyle and good fitness can work flawlessly together. She has that extra edge in her with her flawless beauty when you see her, that you just can’t get enough of. She is the epitome of the 21st century’s definition of bold and beautiful.

Shaima is one of the most fashionable influencers in the United Arab Emirates. She has an interesting perspective for everything that exists in this world. Shaima can be called the perfect woman who knows how to live life to the fullest.

She is an inspiration for many Arab girls; she teaches you how to enjoy life in a refreshing and healthy way. She’s such a great person to follow as she always shares her lifestyle experiences and great food for thought.

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