‘Made in India’ Top Global Search for Online Fashion Shoppers

SEMrush compiled the online search data, globally.

For worldwide online shoppers searching for fashion products, “made in India” far outpaces different countries with in excess of 269 million searches last year contrasted with 140 million for China and 88 million for Italy, as per the most recent information from online marketing firm SEMrush. The U.S. collected just 18.8 million searches for “made in the U.S.”

Researchers at the firm said consumers in U.S. are “mostly interested in things that are made in Mexico” followed by China. Searches for “made in the U.S.” came in third with U.S. shoppers.

A spokeswoman said Swiss consumers and those from Australia are mostly searching for products made in Italy, while German shoppers’ top “made in” search is their homeland. In India, “made in India” is the top search.

This past fall, SEMrush crunched information on the top fashion e-commerce sites with the most traffic. Leading the list was nordstrom.com, macys.com, adidas.com and Rei.com, followed by gap.com, urbanoutfitters.com, Grailed.com, jcrew.com, Asos.com and jcpenney.com.

Ongoing reports from industry experts take note of that while e-commerce continues to grow at a breakneck rate — 16 percent year-over-year, during the recent holiday shopping season, for example — online still only garners about 12 percent total market share.