Made in Arizona: State Forty Eight puts Arizona on fashion map

PHOENIX (FOX 10) – There’s a chance people will perceive the items in the current week’s version of Made in Arizona, and chances are some may even possess a portion of the company’s product..

State Forty Eight is a Chandler-based company that makes shirts, caps and different things under the famous name. This business began six years back with only a $1,200 speculation and a straight forward dream: manufacture an Arizona-themed clothing line.

Trust it or not, the company’s fellow co-founder, Stephen Polando thought of that company’s name, while brushing his teeth. Polando, his sibling and a friend all grew up in Arizona, and attended Chandler High. The long-lasting Cardinals fans needed to focus on the state’s sports teams. Their big break came a few years ago, after they made a t-shirt for then Cardinals coach Bruce Arians’ foundation.

“Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good too, because we had nothing to do with the Cardinals winning nine straight games after we released that shirt, but to say that wasn’t a huge impact, certainly it was,” said Polando.

Before long, different groups, including the D-Backs and Coyotes, needed to take part in the hot company.

Their key to progress: have a dream,work hard and give back

“When people see that you’re donating $5 a shirt to different organizations in your community, you’re trying to help your community get better, people buy that just as much as they buy the shirt,” said Polando.

Polando reviews his stun not long after propelling the company when he was in Dearborn, Michigan, where he saw a man wearing his company’s shirt.

“I was like no way,” said Polando. “This is where my mom is from, in Michigan. Some guy is wearing State 48. I was like that’s incredible.”

The company moves in each of the 50 states, and even to individuals over the globe. Despite sales recently topping one-million dollars polando says the business owners remain grounded.

“We just continue to grow, continue to work hard. We still have a really small staff. Most of the work is still done by the three of us owners,” said Polando.