Is it Safe to Transport your Bike During Pandemic ?


Gurugram, July 25 – Due to the coronavirus several people seeking bike transport have been left confused. Many of you might be hesitant to shift their bikes during this pandemic fearing safety issues of the same. Many of you might be wondering how to disinfect your bikes post relocation? Many of you might be wondering whether to make contact with bike movers during this time or no ? – India’s largest car and bike shifting aggregator which has been in the logistics business for 5 years understand the dilemma of customers. Keeping this in mind, the experts in packers and movers compiled answers to all above questions that may be popping in someone’s mind. The website shared some very useful answers as well as pointers to safe and hassle-free bike transport in India. Read on to find out more-

Is it safe to meet bike movers ?

Yes, of course it is safe. As long as you are wearing a mask, you are cutting your risk of acquiring coronavirus by 98%. According to WHO, if a person is wearing a mask and has a contact with someone who is infected, they have only a 2% chance of getting infected. Thus, it is safe to conduct your regular business. It is safe to discuss your car transport regulations with the transport company that you choose. Just adhere to social distancing norms and wear a mask.

Is it safe to move your bike during this pandemic ?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Thousands of bike carriers are operational throughout the country. The logistics business has adorned itself with several precautions and is taking extra emphasis on sanitization norms. It is absolutely safe to shift your bike. You only need to make sure that you choose the best bike movers who will take proper care of your priced two-wheeler.

Is it advised to disinfect the bike post relocation?

Yes, it is a good idea to disinfect the bike post transport. Once your motorcycle shifting is complete and the same is received by you, it is always best to sanitize the bike. All one has to do is use disinfectant to clean the two-wheeler and it is absolutely safe to use and ride. The sanitization is also a good precaution to take which is for one’s own safe-being. You may simply use a cloth dipped in any disinfectant and wipe the bike or spray it with any disinfectant.

The logistics business which thrives on the packers and mover’s industry is taking its own set of precautions to ensure safety of vehicles during transport. All measures are being taken to ensure bike shifting in India is done hassle free and everyone stays safe from coronavirus.