How Frankie Quiroz broke through the clothing industry “from car boot sales to 7 figure Brand”

From a humble start selling clothes out of a car boot, Tuned In Tokyo has become a global operation.

There exist a few lesser known truths about Frankie Quiroz, at just 27 years of age, he has built an online automotive apparel company that makes over $5,000,000 annually. By 2021, sales are projected to reach more than $10 million, and continued growth is projected for the coming years.

Born in Orange County California, Mr. Quiroz grew up in a low-middle class environment, raised by a single parent. Due to financial hardships, he attended more than 14 different schools. In 2009 he began selling shirts out of the trunk of his car and turned this dream into his now- clothing empire.

Frankie Quiroz is the co-founder of the amazingTuned in Tokyo which was founded in 2015.After building a great social media following and presence on Instagram with their apparel designs,he has decided to take the next step and expand its horizon with the release of a premium clothing line.In the end his goal here is to bring the car community together regardless of the make and model.

“You have to learn your A-Z, from marketing, sales, all the way down to production and it’s going to require every single ounce of it all. Remember, you’re trying to convince someone to “want” to buy your clothes. Find a great niche to get into, get your branding on point, make super creative products, and show that industry that you are “their go to brand” by creating amazing content. – This doesn’t happen overnight, I started selling shirts out of my trunk in 2009 ? But I kept at it all these years. Fast forward now we’re doing 7 Figures every year, we hit the BIG 1M on Instagram, we’re throwing events that have over 3,000 people pay to attend. We gave away 4 cars with cash (still blows my mind)” saidFrankie.

“My clothing brand has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, which is a social network with just 20 million followers,” stated Mr. Quiroz. “I am now pursuing growing my personal brand in 2019 and beyond to help others with branding and digital marketing and to help ensure they can reach their dreams and goals, regardless of how far-fetched or unobtainable they may seem.”

Visiting the Frankie Quiroz website or if a person opts to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, an individual would never know this now multi-million-dollar entrepreneur started out from such humble beginnings, but it’s true, and something Mr. Quiroz is not only proud of but something he wants to use to help others achieve their goals and dreams – regardless of what they may be.

“I have been working with companies such as Tuned in Tokyo LLC to help spread the information about how I am ready to help others who want to find business success,” Frankie Quiroz is blessed to be traveling a lot lately. “I remember back in high school dreaming about catching flights one day to see the world. Obsessing over Hollywood reality shows and fashion icons. If you’re from Riverside / IE, these dreams can seem nearly impossible… but it is possible. It all starts with your belief system, law of attraction, faith, whatever gets you imagining yourself in these places”. Additional information about Frankie Quiroz and his climb to success can be found via his website.


This company is an automotive lifestyle apparel brand, with the premium line collection along with detailing products. This company is working to bring automotive apparel and the car community together. The entire team is made up of car enthusiasts who are offering a wide array of information and resources by producing vlogs, mods, meets, and car reviews. With a dedication to providing a superior customer experience, everyone can count on the products delivered to exceed expectations in every way.

Contact Info
Name: Mr. Frankie Quiroz
Organization: Tuned in Tokyo, LLC
Address: 12122 Severn Way Riverside


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