Fashion: Kim Kardashian Rocks Leopard Print Catsuits for Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian is seen in France. All things considered, she’s recognized ALL over, ’cause … fashion, baby!!!

Kim is all about rocking her leopard print outfits in Paris this week while she’s there for Fashion Week. She was seen abandoning herhotel Wednesday in a sheer, skintight leopard bodysuit and what resembles a velvet or suede trench coat … with matching bottoms.

Looks comfortable. Uncovering as well, notwithstanding that coat.

Kim also rocked the catlike theme head-to-toe on Tuesday … equipped with coordinating gloves and boots. It’s a showy look without a doubt, however one thing she’s not parading is expensive jewelry.

Keep in mind, Kim was choked and bound by covered robbers in her Paris apartment in October 2016, who zip-tied her hands with plastic handcuffs and snatched more than $10 mil worth of her bling.

She promised to tone it down with the adornments from that point onward, and ya gotta imagine that is best of mind when she’s in Paris.

No bling, no issue – demonstrating her spots will in any case get Kim a lot of consideration.