ESEA, ESL, Ban All Agent Skins In Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Play

Counter-Strike is a 20-year franchise that does not come up with a lot of new revolutions as the other games go through. There are some purchasable updates that allow you to customize your weapons and graffiti sprays. You can also purchase different map and mission upgrade.

There is a recent update introduced by the developers of the game. It allows you to change the skin of the weapons dramatically. The new operation allows you to take advantage of playing the game with various weapons and change the skin. There are special camouflaged effects and tough-guerilla skin options available. The weapon skin change is not going to affect the performance of the weapon. It is not going to change the quality of the weapon. They come with an organized collection that allows you to drop one skin and take up another one. The skin collection does not depend on the map you are playing in. If you are playing the game on the train, you can still change the skin to the weapons which are not restricted to the train.

Many Counter-strikes: Global Offensive players state that the game is losing its originality. The new edition of the feature of changing the skin of the weapon is taking away what Counter-Strike actually was. It was quite interesting for game players to play the game with skill and strategy. With the new change, the game is no more about using the skill and planning a strategy. ESEA, ESL, Ban All Agent Skins In Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Play

The developers of the game wanted to keep the game even more interesting by giving the option of changing the skin to the players. By using the camouflage skin, you’ll be able to hide properly from the enemy. Valve Corporation has introduced the team-branded weapon skins to make it a part of the biannual Major tournament.

Games like overwatch also come with new character models. You can change the character costumes. In PUBG you can change the costume to camouflages to keep yourself safe from the enemies.

Counter-Strike is a global game. The ESEA ( E-Sports Entertainment Association League) and ESL ( Electronic Sports League) have banned the change of player skins for the professional tournaments. They don’t want the game to lose its charm. Professional players make a huge amount of money. Some fans of the game also don’t like this new change in the game. They also desire professional players to come up to a “ gentleman agreement” to not change their weapon skin.

Long term fans of the game have serious complaints about the new changing skin. They also want professional counterstrike players to ban the use of weapon skin change for all agents. Valve has been silent about the complaints. ESEA and ESL have banned the use of this feature. Serious long term fans are thankful to the ESEA and ESL that they are not encouraging the professional players to use these features. It is going to make the game complicated rather than being interesting.