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Cosmic cookies mark a fundamental step towards future explorations in space agencies 

Not so long, a bunch of baked chocolate cookies came back to earth from space, indicating a vital step ahead towards the future eating of human beings while in the space. 

The test was indeed tasty, and it occurred by the use of cookie dough from Hilton’s DoubleTree Hotel and the Zero-G Oven. Experts made the oven in a way that precisely works in microgravity conditions onboard the International Space Station. This marks the first time in history that raw ingredients, which are the dough, was cookies or baked in space.

Preceding space explorer from NASA said that the baking is indeed a great milestone. The astronaut worked as a ‘cookie consultant’ for Hilton all through the test. He added that the test paves the way for other hidden chances of the coking sector. 

Queries on cookies 

The test provided answers to some questions concerning what takes place as they attempt to bake the cookies while in the space. Among the queries was this enormous question; “will space have the smell like that of a freshly-baked cookie?” In response, the aroma from the cookie will permeate the space station as they have baked the cookies for some given period. The testa well revealed the longer duration they take to bake in space (they still have no clue as of now), and they appear as normal ones baked here on earth.

There are further researches ongoing, and they will be in a position to provide answers to questions like why the cookies take more time to bake in space and why they are not ‘poofy.’

Massimino is one of the two space explorers to add more weight while in space came with lone-wrapped biscotti in a bite-size. He links the test to that he took part in testing how sunflowers would germinate and grow in space. According to him, the flower appeared like a ‘normal flower’ however; it did not need to be large to provide support to the whole flower due to the effects of microgravity on the surrounding.

Why bake cookies in space

Massimino states that the test of baking cookies while in space gives a hint to human beings the exact thing that takes place in the space. 

He added that it serves as an educative tool for those who are curious about studying space matters. It acts as a useful tool for applications for long space trips. The links to our planet aids space explorers feel ‘secure’ and they act as morale boosters that will fundamental to the well-being of space explorer as well as their activities

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