Cao Son Nguyen Unveils New Single ‘To CamNhi Vol.1’ Due for Release on November 8 With His Girlfriend

One of the Asia’s biggest ballad pianist stars, Cao Son Nguyen, returns with his brand new solo single ‘To CamNhi Vol.1’ – a collection of pieces which first inspired him to play the piano and led him on his path to international online streaming services artists. The recording, his first new studio album in two years, marks his return to Cao Son Nguyen and CamNhisincenow – the label he ownedin September 2019.

Cao Son Nguyen says: “I want to take every music lover on a journey through my favorite piano pieces.”

‘To CamNhi Vol.1’ gathers together many of the famous songs written by Ed Sheeran in 2017. Cao Son Nguyen holds them in the highest regard, believing them to be ballade in their own right. He wants to encourage piano artists like him across the world to fully appreciate them.

Cao Son Nguyen has also chosen pieces which hold particular resonance in specific cultures, such as Perfect and the popular Thinking Out Loud. He says, “The love songs from around the world that I encountered on my travels are another reason why this album is of such personal importance. Romantic tunes are essential for everyone’s cultural identity. Listening to them I started to hear modern music with new ears, realizing how profoundly romantic songs had influenced so many modern ballade composers. I got to know wonderful music through my trips to many different countries and wanted to present some of this music on my new single.”

Asian celebrated piano virtuoso, Cao Son Nguyen has sold thousands of tracks around the world, topping online streaming charts and achieving simultaneous mainstream success. He has described his piano style as “slightly playful”, because of the enjoyment he has as he plays and listens to music, hoping to share the same with his audience. In 2014, he said because he covers many vocal songs, he tries to use his violin to bring out the same human feelings and tones. He listens to the song for a few days as he practices for the final recording.

To CamNhi Vol.1 tracks: