BTG Dre Dropping EP January 2020

So… where do we start? BTG Dre the young upcoming music artist has made many connections for the year of 2019. Though it’s unclear if he has a manager currently though he has known to collaborate with PR Firms connected to powerful record labels.

He dropped a YouTube music video “147” that has 30k views as of 11/13/19. It’s also unclear why BTG Dre is not verified on some major social media platforms either.

With a few impersonator accounts here and there, it seems as if Instagram’s security needs to be updated. As many music artists are suffering on social media platforms like Instagram from impersonators & “fan pages” BTG Dre has also been on ABC27 News which is a MAJOR achievement for musical artists.

That link can be found below.

BTG Dre Official Instagram Account
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