Best Certification Programs for Jobs to Improve Pay – Charter Certifications and Designations for College Graduates

Here are some certifications that help you get high paying jobs

  1. MMC Master Management Consultant ®  – This is a Management Consultant Certification for people who actually graduate from a nationally accredited business school
  2. CFP Certified Financial Planner ®  – This is a certification for financial planners and insurance salespeople.
  3. CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant ®  – This is a certification for managers of e-business and internet companies
  4. Certified Financial Analyst  – This is a financial researcher credential that was originally a bookkeepers designation.
  5. CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® – This is a credential for investment bankers and higher-level wealth management professionals.
  6. MPM Master Project Manager  ® – This is a graduate project management credential for people with a college degree.
  7. AMA Accredited Management Accountant  ® – This is an accounting certification for those who have an accounting degree from an accredited business school.
  8. CRA Certified Risk Analyst ® – This is a risk management certification for risk professionals.

Certification Accreditation is Important

  1. Make sure the certification you seek is ISO 9001 Certified or the certifying body has ISO 29990 Certification for training education accreditation standards.
  2. Make sure you attend an Accredited Business School or College –  Make sure that the program that you select is accredited by an agency recognized by the CHEA.  That U.S. Department of Education allows the Council for Higher Education to recognize accreditation agencies.
  3. Make sure the certifying body is part of the CHEA Quality Group. See

There are several types of business school programs where you can achieve certification eligibility by earning an accredited degree.

  1. Onsite traditional campus programs that are full time or part-time which includes MBA programs.
  2. Online university or college programs offer courses and degrees.
  3. MOOC Massive Open Online Courses that are offered by:  Udemy, EdX, FutureLearn, Coursera, and other online platforms.  Taking MOOC courses may allow you to apply for certification directly.

Here are Great jobs where a certification could pay off.

  1. I f you are in technology or construction, it can pay to be an MPM Master Project Manager ®
  2. If you are in law, go for a law degree from an accredited law school such as Loyola or Yale or Harvard.
  3. If you are in e-business, go for a Certified e-Commerce Consultant  ® credential.
  4. If you are in accounting, go for a CPA License and try to achieve an AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®  which is a management accountant certification.
  5. If you are in investment banking, it can pay to become a CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ®
  6. If you work in technology or government, try to earn the CIPM.  The CIPM Certified International Project Manager   ® is for professionals in construction or government or Silicon Valley jobs.
  7. If you work in insurance or finance, you may want to be a CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®

To learn more about jobs and certifications, go to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor and Statistics. To learn more about nationally-accredited business schools, visit the CHEA or the ACBSP or search for ISO 29990 and ISO 9001 certifications.