Christopher Newman

Christopher Newman is an active freelance writer. He has developed many websites; he has found his interest in developing websites. He received the MSC degree from Groningen University. He has also spent some time in japan as an exchange student. He creates new technical themes and his work proves that he is an extremely knowledgeable person in his field.

Ira Sloan

Ira Sloan


Ira Sloan is a writer, and she has worked with wordpress. This helps her help other develop wordpress websites the right way. She has written more than 50 articles. Her ability to generate excellent content for marketing has helped many businesses to grow. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administrator from Canada.

Jenni Adler

Jenni Adler is a well-known writer. She lives with her family in a pleasant house. She is working as a marketing manager in an organization. Her writing and communication skills are par excellence. She became one of the most decorated writers. She works seasonally on News Distinct website and is also regular contributor.

Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson is a famous author.  She graduated in Business Administration from Somerville College. She lives in Islington. Kristen is a story fiction commentator for the newspaper.  She additionally established various websites, presently she working as an article writer for News Distinct.