Ryan Bilodeau Gives Marketing Advice in Products to People Marketing Book

In Products to People Ryan Bilodeau points out the need to account for our hunter-gatherer nature when marketing them products. It’s safe to say, he argues, that we as human beings are wired to collect things. You can see this reality play out even in some of our ancient burial habits. Many people were entombed along with possessions for the afterlife. Man and personal property go together hand in hand. Just ask the writers of the U.S. Constitution. What Ryan Bilodeau is getting at is that people are — by…

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UK Tech Entrepreneurs Plan to Launch the World’s Most Expensive Homepage

Two tech entrepreneurs from the UK are embarking on a record-breaking attempt to shake-up the current advertising industry, by creating the world’s most expensive homepage (website). Currently, some businesses are spending up to $1 million dollars (£785,000) on short-term advertising solutions. Google Ads can cost up to $50 (approx £40) per click. This may be protocol for traditionally incumbent companies, but big advertising costs makes it hard for new and emerging companies to break into an industry. Fabian Niavarany and Charlie McGowan, both 23 and graduates from Cardiff University, have…

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