5 Instagram tips to level up your Instagram profile with Michelangelo Azzariti

Instagram needs no introduction, it is the social network of photos, videos and, for some time now, also “stories”.

It is the third most used social network in the world after Facebook (which bought it in 2012) and Youtube. In the summer of 2016, active users exceeded 500 million. The potential that the platform offers are many, both for individuals and businesses.

In this article we asked to Michelangelo Azzariti, travel influencer and photographer with 66 thousand followers: @michelangeloazzariti, how to use Instagram at its best.

How to use Instagram:

1. “Think outside the box”.

The basis of the success of your Instagram profile will surely be the quality of the contents. Make your photo interesting for the public! Portray a subject by taking it from an unusual perspective or try to make it unique. Turn a sunset, a glimpse of the city, a portrait into something more!

2. Instagram rewards consistency of content! Adopt a well-defined and repeated style!

Your efforts in using Instagram must be concentrated in developing your own style!

The search for a style must not end in the snapshot of the photo or in the writing of the caption. You could dedicate an account to a concept as well as a business. You will have to make yourself recognizable and unique within the social network.

Take a cue from well-characterized accounts within your reach. Here are some examples of a philosophy of content consistency, it can help you understand how to use Instagram to convey your style.

3. Use HASHTAG consistent with the subject of the photo.

Hashtags are keywords that identify the key topic of the images, they allow you to insert them within “virtual folders” and to browse Instagram photos by topics.

If we want to be found by potential customers or by enthusiasts of our own subjects, it is appropriate to insert hashtags that are consistent with the theme of the photo or with the products we advertise.

4. Connect Instagram to your social world.

Instagram allows you to connect your account to a series of social network services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr. The advantage of this connection is the possibility of instant sharing of all the photos you upload to all social networks. (To connect the accounts, simply enter the Instagram settings and click on “Linked accounts”).

5. Create a network.

Navigate within the world of Instagram and through the search function or hashtags search for the most interesting topics for your business or your passions. Like photos or videos that you find consistent with your interests, become friends with users like you around the world.


Don’t forget to use the Instagram Stories: this tool, relatively recent and with a short life of its content (just 24 hours!), However, is very useful to get instant content to your followers and beyond, in conjunction with the possibility of including in they hashtags, geotags and tags to other profiles. You can also use the story channel as a vehicle to publish additional and faster content than more studied and refined content published on your profile, so as not to compromise the scheme used.

Use these tips that Michelangelo Azzariti gave for us, to improve the visibility and attractiveness of your profile. Develop your own style and create your own rules on how to use instagram. We look forward to seeing you in the comments to discuss your preferences and further advice.