Mista Rags: You have to Grind Hard because Nothing is Given

Mista Rags: You have to Grind Hard because Nothing is Given

“I remember all those sleepless nights, praying and wondering how I would “make it out”. He says. “I’ve been a music creator for the majority part of my life. Self-taught; I record, mix and master my own music, shoot my own videos and run an independent record label (Get Money Stay On). I’ve always had a determination to “win”.

Get Money Stay On is an independent record label founded by Mista Rags, based in Texas. This southern rapper has what it takes to really do big things in the music industry and we’re excited to see where his career goes.

“It really takes a strong minded individual to set a high goal in life and accomplish it. We all have different goals in life, but the thought process of successful individuals is all very similar”.

“Grind. Every day you wake up you should challenge yourself to be a better person than you were the day before. You have to cut off all negative things (and people) from your life if you want to continue to grow in a positive manner. Surround yourself with positive minded individuals, think positive and work hard towards your goals and watch how your life changes (for the better).”

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