Khloe Kardashian too joins the Ponytail Craze, following Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner

Khloe Kardashian too joins the Ponytail Craze, following Kim Kardashian  And Kylie Jenner

Khloe Kardashian the newest addition to the family joined the team Ponytail Craze to showcase her hair in a ponytail. We all are well aware that the Kardshians have so many beauty and hair experts at their disposal, so it should not come to us as a surprise to see the sisters display new looks. Kylie is been trying many looks with her hair this whole year along and the sisters all love a good extension. A few days before Kim Kardashian was spotted sporting a below-the-chin bob but recently was again seen with a high ponytail. Kylie’s extensions are so long that they reach up to her knees. Khloe did not stay back, she is showing off her platinum blonde hair and a high ponytail and no surprise the look is a hit with her followers.

Khloe had shared multiple photos showing off her new hairstyle with more than 96.5 million of her Instagram followers. The photos immidiately went viral and have more than 642,000 likes and more than 2,900 comments. Fans loved Khloe’s new look and they even praised her beauty and stylish good looks as she posed for the photos.

You may see the pictures that Khloe shared on her Instagram account below.

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Khloe credited celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons for doing her hair and also captioned with a hashtag her beauty team in the pictures. The hairstylist also shared couple of Khloe’s photos on his personal Instagram account. Even these photos received quite a number of likes. Andrew shared that he did a half-ponytail and sleeked the hair on the crown of Khloe’s head back then secured it in a ponytail holder. Khloe has been sporting her hair blonde since then, and many of her fans say they love seeing her as a blonde.

Khloe recently shared with the public her personal makeup routine and said that she used KKW beauty makeup for the photo shoot. Khloe had also done a Vogue special video where she shared how she does her makeup and it went viral.

You may see that video below.

Khloe looks really beautiful within the photos and the setup of her standing ahead of a wall covered in a very floral vascular plant was perfect. She wore big, silver-hoop earrings and paired a white shirt with blue jeans. Fans praised the design and same she was beautiful.

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