From Rejection to Success Story! Emre Can Ayaydin Takes Advantage of Business Failures

From Rejection to Success Story! Emre Can Ayaydin Takes Advantage of Business Failures

Many of today’s most iconic personalities in business, sports and politics did not get to where they are without their share of failures or rejections. Truly, the one quality that differentiates those who succeeded from those who did not is the ability to persevere in spite of the situation. Winston Churchill has been credited with several inspirational quotations. But perhaps his most regarded one is, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next without loss of enthusiasm.”

CEO of family-based company Goldi Group (Switzerland), Emre Can Ayaydin oversees the strategic direction of the company together with his management team who combines industry experience and visionary thinking. Mr. Ayaydin has been through a lot with Goldi Group, diverse ups and downs, failures, challenges and rejections. Though his spark for entrepreneurship started at a very early age but that didn’t stop the challenges from coming his way but he identified his flaws and weaknesses and work on them until they became his strengths.

“Everything has its prime time and nothing lasts permanently” has always been Emre’s motto. He knew that he can’t rest on his laurels and that the fashion market is dynamic and fast-moving. The only constant is change.

Emre started business when he was 14 and built his empire one brand at a time. Soon he was the representative of well-known fashion brands such as Dior, Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, DKNY, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana to name but a few in the jewelry and watches field in Switzerland. 

After a few successful years, the brands – one by one – started to terminate the contracts with Emre Can Ayaydin since they all started to change their policies: multi-brand stores, as well as multi-brand distribution rights, were a thing of the past. Now all the high-end brands started to open their own boutiques and regulate their distribution themselves.

The problems Emre Can Ayaydin incurred early on did not only provide the momentum for crafting solutions, but were necessary in that it paved the way for his future successes and made him truly appreciate it all the more.

Emre knew that he had to change something in order to still be at the top of his game. After commissioning several market studies, he saw that accessories would be much in demand and that there was a decrease in demand when it comes to fashion jewelry and fashion watches. “People like to save money and then buy a Rolex or Omega”, Emre says. He continues, “When I was selling and distributing, for instance, Armani watches, my buyers were clients who loved that specific brand and wanted to complement their looks with the right watch and accessory.”

So what he did was to change his whole stock and distribution to affordable, nice-looking accessories with no particular brand name. And after an initial testing phase, the accessories turned out to be the right decision as the turnover doubled as compared to earlier when he was dealing with fashion brands in the jewelry and watch field.  Tolerating a certain degree of failure as a necessary part of growth is an important part of encouraging innovation. Innovation is a risk. Employees won’t take risks unless they understand goals clearly, have a clear but flexible framework in which to operate and understand that failures are recognized as simple steps in the learning process.

Since Goldi Group Switzerland has several divisions, Emre learned at a young age to see problems as opportunities to create something new.

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