American Airlines sign deal to open routes to four cities in Southeast Asia

American Airlines sign deal to open routes to four cities in Southeast Asia

American Airlines declared a new deal Monday with Hong Kong-based Cathay Dragon Airlines that will give fliers access to southeast Asian hot spots such as Phuket, Thailand, and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Through its Oneworld Alliance, American Airlines fliers will get flights through Hong Kong on Cathay Dragon to Dhaka, Bangladesh; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Da Nang, Vietnam; and the resort region of Phuket, Thailand.

American’s network likewise will have progressively regular flights to Penang, Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Hanoi, Vietnam.

It reinforces American and Oneworld’s connections to Asia, the quickly developing carrier locale where Oneworld is battling for market share with Sky Team and Delta Air Lines.

The codeshare will affect voyagers experiencing Hong Kong International Airport, where Cathay Dragon is based. The Fort Worth-based airline flies legitimately to Hong Kong day by day from Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles, in spite of the fact that explorers likewise can associate through Chicago and New York JFK on Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Dragon, once in the past known as Dragonair, is an auxiliary of Cathay Pacific, a long-term accomplice of American Airlines.

Codeshares are understandings that enable travelers to utilize a series of partner carriers to fly to international destinations, but still book through a single airline.

The new codeshare deal could also give more route options to Asian destinations. For example, American’s flights to Hanoi, Vietnam, were previously only routed through Tokyo.

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