8 Good locations to send peoples garments for adjustments

8 Good locations  to send peoples garments for adjustments

With regards to the recognizing purchaser, buying garments off-the-rack is constantly somewhat of a migraine.

There’s continually something that can be enhanced, be it a stitch that is not exactly right, or a niggling fit issue around the midriff. That is the reason numerous ladies get their garments adjusted so they fit perfectly.

We’ve recorded a couple of our preferred tailors who, equipped with scissors, needle and string, can make your articles of clothing look as if they were made for you.


Settled practically around the bend of the fourth floor of Far East Plaza lies V.bjorn.

Helmed by Vanessa, V.bjorn has been the go-to put for modifications inside the shopping center itself, with a significant number of the inhabitants bringing their clients straightforwardly to Vanessa after they might want to tailor their new buys. Indeed, that is the means by which we came to think about her reality.

One tailor that Fashion Editor Cheryl Chan swears by is V.bjorn at Far East Plaza. “I’ve been going to Vanessa at V.bjorn for the past eight years. As someone who’s on the shorter side and in-between sizes, I have no choice but to get my clothes taken in if I want them to fit properly. At times I have to get the waist of my jeans taken in which can be tricky (and not to mention expensive), but Vanessa never fails to charge me more than $20 for something like that. She’s also great at understanding my instructions when I want to change up the design of some of my items. Once I even had a skirt with leather paillettes that needed to be taken in at the waist. She and her team unpicked the paillettes one by one, sewed a dart and then re-sewed the paillettes back. The total cost? $10.”


Arranged in the core of Orchard Road, Gee’s Creation is a spot to visit in case you’re needing changes directly after you’ve hit the shops. Tailors here are famous for being fastidious with regards to estimations, so this one is for the individuals who are sprinkling out on extravagance brands and fashioner pieces.

The proprietor of the 40-year-old fitting business, who just needed to be known as Gee, revealed to us that there’s nothing she and her group can’t adjust. “We are experts in tailoring, going beyond simple jobs like shortening hems. If something doesn’t fit right, we are able to overhaul an entire piece until it fits the client perfectly,” she says. “We once had a customer who had lost 20kg and brought in his old jeans to get them altered to his current size.” She includes that “many boutiques around Orchard Road know of our services and send customers over to get their clothes altered”.


Another fitting administration that is situated in the shopping region is Meng Yee Express Alteration, where you’ll discover experienced sewers outfitted with upright sewing aptitudes. The great individuals here charge around S$8 for a straightforward shortening work.

The present woman manager running Ming Yee Express Alteration, Chen Yan Ying, took over a year ago from previous proprietor Chen Yuan Ming. Ms Chen, who’s labored for a long time at Ming Yee, contemplated style structure and fitting in China, and revealed to us that the shop sees a lot of solicitations that include point by point work for night and wedding outfits. “These are the types of jobs that I find most satisfying,” she stated, including that she relishes testing adjustments. “Sometimes, a client’s request actually affects the structure of the garment. For example, we had a customer who wanted to overhaul a dress entirely, changing its former flare shape to a mermaid silhouette that we thought would restrict her movements. people insisted, and we obliged. In the end, her happiness mattered most and she was pleased with the outcome.”


In case people are needing tailors with bunches of involvement with couture pieces, Haute Alteration Initiative is the spot to go.

Costs start from S$20 for a fundamental shortening employment, and indeed, they might be expensive, however these are the go-to individuals for pieces of clothing with dubious adornment subtleties, or sensitive materials like organza. T

he best part? As the retail face for social endeavor, A-Changin’ Ltd, the organization incorporates individuals with inabilities and single parents as a major aspect of their staff.

Josephine Ng, the head of Haute Alteration Initiative, says that the social endeavor segment of Haute Alteration is a significant one to her locale. “We help single mothers, out-of-work women and older women who are already seamstresses, and what we do is to train them and upgrade their skills to equip them with finer sewing abilities so that they are able to do difficult alterations,” she says. She refers to wedding outfits from Jenny Packham, Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta as effective activities taken on by her staff. “We have specialists in different fields — for example, for jacket alterations, we have someone who works on nothing but those,” she includes.


Not all pants fit your body superbly but rather denim authority, Jeansfix, will act the hero. Regardless of whether be correcting a belt or fixing tears that have occurred after some time, they’re the specialists here.

People have even built up an in-house procedure called ThreadMatching, which ensures a fix that will keep going quite a while, and which makes them contrast strings with your unique denim so they can utilize hues and embroidery designs that are as near the first as could be allowed.

The organizer of Jeansfix, Yong Tyng Yee, clarifies how she was disappointed with seeing seriously fixed pants.“I sat down with my tailoring team to start working out a way to restore jeans that would give due respect to each pair of jeans and its owner,” she says. “Adopting a ‘do it right, do it well’ attitude and after much trial and error, we managed to develop our own in-house method. We painstakingly match the colour tone of the jeans with the threads we use to restore the rips so that they’re virtually unnoticeable.”


Design insiders that incorporate any semblance of beauticians and fashionistas on shopping trips from abroad have gone to Clancy Boutique Alteration Center for very nearly 22 years. From suits, to dresses and even to wedding outfits, changes are done expertly and, for those out of luck, they should be possible in all respects rapidly too.

People plunked down with co-proprietor Cindy Ler to get some information about probably the craziest pieces of clothing her customers have sent in. “From scaling down the body length of scuba suits to adjusting knee pads of motorcycle race suits, we have seen and done it all,” she says.


With 6 unique branches the country over — including at head areas like Marina Bay Sands and ION Orchard — May Tailor has earned a huge pool of standard clients who love the many-sided, exact work put into estimations and changes.

“I was a tailor at Hugo Boss before I opened May Tailor & Laundry,” says founder Bai Hong Mei. “I was born into a family of tailors and one night, I had a dream where my ancestors reprimanded me for leaving the family fold. When I woke up, I realized that they were telling me to open a tailoring business of my own and carry on the family legacy.”

Adding to its allure, this is a one-stop-shop, notwithstanding giving cleaning and clothing administrations.


Change of Unisex Clothing is the spot to go for the individuals who live in the west of the island. Try not to give its modest retail facade a chance to trick you — west-siders who would prefer not to make the trek to town head here with regards to the change for everything from shirts, to jeans and skirts.

It’s controlled by Tan Kha Choo, who’s turning 62 this year. She found her enthusiasm for sewing during Primary 1 in the wake of going to sewing classes in school and has now been in the modification business for more than 40 years.

“Communication is very important to me,” says Mdm Tan, when asked how she’s constructed her customer pool. She’s a cautious audience, and takes a shot at all attire, from youngsters’ to people’s pieces of clothing. Her value focuses are somewhat conventional as well, and costs start at $6 for a zip substitution.

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